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Yasmin Levy Tango  

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Yasmin Levy Tango
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Yasmin Levy
Yasmin Levy Tango
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I was born to parents soul singers and her family is music.
Ever since I can remember, I was exposed to many musical styles life and diverse, most of whom later became the spring from which I sing and create.
My life as a singer , I went on a musical journey exciting after which time and again I found myself drawn musical worlds full of fire and passion and so I went and I built my own world does not know the end of the excitement and happiness I experience all my infatuation music or another , these are not part of my roots .
Served tango has always been part of soundtrack of the house where I grew up , but only when I went down to the bottom of things , fell in love with tango songs to no end .
Carlos Gardel was a character I edited my acquaintance with her first and most important tango , but more and more singers went and filled my nights and my life for hours on end , my search for songs speak to the heart
And all this was Polaco Goyeneche who taught me the meaning of the tango , the emotions in it, the pain , the fire , the passion , death and life
Since I can no longer see the world and life without having tango part thereof
I fell in love dearly
Hence only the ground go deeper still believing that in many years, been feel that my tango world was born of Jasmine
But a long way before that, you have to live a whole life to " be " Tango ..
Your great love, as always, accompanied me the path of musical life in years
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1. Y Todavia te quiero   2:19
2.    La Ultima Curda 6:50
3.   La Cumparsita 5:55
4.  EL Vilolin de Becho  4:06
5.    Volver 8:28
6.    Vuelvo al Sur 4:05
7.   Los Mareados 5:03
8.   Entre tu Amor y me Amor 2:50
9.    Hasta Siempre Amor  
            10.               Por Una Cabeza                                                                                                 5:54  
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