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Yasmin Levy
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Cat: 20526

Yasmin Levy, the extraordinary interpreter of Ladino music, brings great drama that echoes the fervour of Spanish Flamenco, Argentinian Tango and the Portuguese blues of Fado. On her imminent new release, ‘Libertad’ (Freedom) produced by Ben Mandelson, the striking addition of swooping, soaring Turkish strings adds an extra element of vibrancy and passion.
On ‘Libertad’, Yasmin exposes her musical soul in a way she has never done before.  
This new freedom manifests itself in the song selection for ‘Libertad’ on which Yasmin has written 5 of the 12 songs herself.  The disc also includes cover versions of one of the pearls of Turkish music, Firuze, as well as a unique cover of the classic Persian song, Recuerdo (originally titled “Soghati”).
Yasmin Levy’s Sephardic heritage traces its roots from Turkey back to Spain, and ’Libertad‘ encompasses a new musical journey for Yasmin drawing very heavily on the influences of both Spanish and Turkish music which have been the hallmark of her Ladino songs, taking them in an entirely new direction.    I        I        I        I    
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.   La Ultima Cancion 3:19  
2.   La Nave del Olvido 4:02
3.   Libertad 4:04
4.   Firuze 5:01
5.   Tal Vez 4:33  
6.   Olvidate de Mi (featuring Concha Buika) 5:59
7.    Aman Doctor 3:56  
8.    Recuerdo (Soghati) 6:28  
9.    Skalerikas de Oro 3:52  
10.    Cada Dia  4:44  
11.    Shoef Kemo Eved 4:59  
12.    La Rosa Enflorece 2:55  
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