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Voice of Judea
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Mark Eliyahu
Voice of Judea
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Mark Eliyahu – A musician and Kamancha player, was born in 1982 in the hilly country of Dagastan. 
"Voices of Judea" – A collection of works composed by Mark Eliyahu nd his Father Piris Eliyahu (Tar Player) during the Years 2002-2004
An original music which was created through the search of the Magical Garden in the mystical spaces of the desert of Judea in Israel. where many people through the generations had lived in seclusion and had become prophets while looking after the way of God.
The journey goes through ancient musical formularies that passed from teacher to student for thousands of years and developed to dimensions of a new and original creation.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Prayer  2:19  
2.    I shall wait “In the still watches of night, for you” 6:50
3.    Prayer (Piris Eliyahu) 5:55  
4.    Humbleness 4:06
5.    Nostalgy 8:28
6.    The Northern Star 4:05
7.    Chant to the observer in sunset 5:03
8.    Lion of Judea 2:50
9.    Brothers getting together 3:58
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