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Traditional & Ethnic Music from the Mediterranean vol.3
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Traditional & Ethnic Music from the Mediterranean vol.3
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Cat: 20516
Adama Music vol.3 - Traditional & Ethnic music collection displays the label artists. A wide variety of artists from the Mediterranean area, which together creates a rich mosaic image.
All of them were carefully selected and encased in an updated sound and meticulous production.
This collection of “Adama” allows an overview of the label artists; behind each of them a private story of folk music a long-standing truth and a lot of soul.
In this compilation you can find varied music such as:
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Persian, Turkey, Dagestan, Yugoslavia and Israel.
Track Listing
Track No.    Artist Name    Song Name & Details Time
1.    Yasmin Levy   Irme Kero (Traditional Ladino) 
  Taken from the album “Mano Suave”
2.    Amir Shahsar   Botec’hin (Lyrics & Music: Aliakbar Sheida) 
  Taken from the album “Botec’hin”
3.    Omar Faruk Tekbilek   Toros (Omar Faruk Tekbilek)
  (Taken from the album: “Tree of Patience” 
  \Courtesy of Alif records) 
  Administered by The Royalty Network Inc.
4.    Julia Leon   Yo te Amo (Traditional Ladino) 
  Taken from the album “El Legado Sefardi”
5.    Mark Eliyahu   Brothers getting together (Mark Eliyahu) 
  Taken from the album “Voices of Judea”
6.    Nazareth Orchestra    Ruwan (composer: Yousif Asad Mattar) 5:39
7.    Mentesh    Timotzuti (Traditional)
   Taken from the Acoustic sessions, Unreleased
8.    SAZ    Yoma (Sameh “SAZ” Zakout)  
  Taken from the album “Since that Day” –
9.    Yasmin Levy    Naci en Alamo (VENGO) Remix by: J.Views
  (Dionysis \ Guerra) Unreleased
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