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The Power of Balance
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Avi Belleli
The Power of Balance
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Cat: 10527
In 2000 “Vertigo” invited Adam Benjamin to lead a series of workshops in Israel. This was a time of exploration and discovery not only for the disabled participants of the workshops but also for the dancers of the company.
Many friendships were made during that time and at the end of the workshop series several of the disabled dancers were asked if they would be interested in joining the company for the creation of a new piece. Each gave an unequivocal ‘yes’.
In April 2001this new Vertigo began a very real exploration of balance and rediscovery of what it means to lose it, find it, fight for it and maintain it.
The power of balance – something we all struggle with- became the theme of this new collaboration, as the professional dancers and their disabled colleagues began to learn exchange and develop a new language together.
“The Power of Balance” is a result of that exploration – a synthesis of ideas, a meeting of bodies who find and fight for balance in many different ways.
“The Power of Balance” is directed by Adam Benjamin, and was devised and choreographed with the performers.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    River 3:45  
2.    Steam 5:06
3.    Fairies 3:39  
4.    Duo 4:01  
5.    Bones 3:12  
6.    I can’t use it 3:08  
7.    Loot 3:08
8.    Zobeiba 3:55  
9.    Area 2:11  
10.    Kuru 2:05
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