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Yasmin Levy
 price 16.99 €
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Cat: 20520
In Yasmin Levy’s music there is an undeniable tension between the purity of Ladino
(the  Judeo-Spanish music of Spain) and the fiery heart of flamenco.   
For her brand new (and fourth) album Sentir (World Village) she has finally found a vision that integrates effortlessly these various musical directions.           
Produced by the acclaimed Javier Limón (who has worked previously with the likes of Portuguese fado star Mariza), the album’s programme draws songs not only from Ladino (’Mi Korason’, ’Londje de Mi’) and flamenco (Javier Limón’s ’Nos Llego El Final’) traditions but also contemporary material (by Javier, Yasmin) and even Leonard Cohen (in a remarkable and fresh version of ’Hallelujah’).
An important factor in Yasmin’s life and musical direction has been the legacy of her father Yitzhak Levy, who died when Yasmin was only one year old. ’Una Pastora’ allows Yasmin, by the miracle of modern technology, to duet with him.
With Sentir, Yasmin’s music truly becomes ’of the world’.    I        I        I        I      
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    MI KORASON 3:14   
2.    EL AMOR CONTIGO 3:29
3.    NOS LLEGO EL FINAL 2:46   
4.    LONDJE DE MI 2:42   
5.    HALLELUJAH 3:55
6.    UNA PASTORA 2:01   
7.    TRISTE VALS 5:42   
8.    JACO 4:18   
9.    LA HIJA DE JUAN SIMON 5:13   
10.    PORQE 3:53
11.    ALFONSITO 3:19   
12.    YIGDAL 3:31   
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