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Avi Belleli
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Cat: 10532
Mythos is an adaptation of the Greek dramas relating to the story of the House of Atreus, a royal family in conflict with the vicissitudes of it’s destiny that impose upon it a series of acts of vengeance.
Electra and Orestes, brother and sister who are the last generation of the House of Atreus, bear the ancient sin that passes down the family’s generations and commands them to exact vengeance.
Their father, Agamemnon, sacrificed their sister, lphigenia, to propitiate the gods as he left for the war with Troy. Their mother, Clytemnestra, murdered their father in revenge for the murder of lphigenia.
Electra and Orestes murder their mother, thus revenging their father’s blood. As a consequence of the murder they are tortured by remorse and the anguish of memory. Only with their death is the cycle of bloodletting ended.
Part 1 : The Revenge:
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    The stars : In Mythos  3:04
2.    Lamentation : For Agamemnon’s Death 7:04  
3.    The Return : Orestes Returns to Argos 2:46  
4.    The Stars : The Sun 3:19  
5.    The Stars : A Storm of Meteors 1:06  
6.    The “Woman” : Clytemnestra’s Murder 2:52  
7.    Libation Bearers : For Agamemnon’s Death 3:09  
8.    The Banishment : Of Orestes & Electra 2:21  
9.    Ceremony : Of the Bones 2:59  
Part 2 : The Pain of Memory:
Track No.    Song Name Time
10.    The Furies : Godesses of Revenge  2:02
11.    Aulis : The Girls of the Fleet 3:02  
12.    Aulis : Iphigenia 3:12  
13.    Aulis : The Silence 1:26  
14.    Aulis : The Sacrifice of Iphigenia 3:50  
15.    Aulis: The Woman 3:16  
16.    The Furies : River of Blood 2:19  
17.    Argos : The Return of Agamemnon 7:55  
18.    Matricide 4:28  
Part 3 : The Parting:
Track No.    Song Name Time
19.    Troy : The Asteroid 2:31  
20.    Troy : The Trojan Horse 3:23
21.    Troy : Troy in Flames 2:09  
22.    The Ceremony of Death : Electra 7:13  
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