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Mano Suave
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Yasmin Levy
Mano Suave
 price 16.99 €
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Cat: 20521
With her third album Mano Suave, the acclaimed world music singer Yasmin Levy marks a powerful return to her Ladino roots. It’s a significant move because, today, there are estimated to be less than 200,000 Ladino speakers world-wide (UNESCO recently recognized Ladino as one of the world's endangered languages). With this record she has chosen to return home to her ancestral roots.    I        I        I        I      
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Irme kero 5:04
2.    Mano Suave 5:46   
3.    Adio Kerida 4:02
4.    Una Noche Mas 5:09
5.    Nani Nani 4:48   
6.    Komo La Roza 4:20   
7.    Si Veriash 3:35   
8.    Mal de L’Amor 4:38   
9.    Por La Mia 5:09   
10.    Una Ora 4:04   
11.    Perdono 4:14   
12.    Odecha 6:26   
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