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Live at the tower of david
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Yasmin Levy
Live at the tower of david
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Cat: 20520
In her deep, spiritual and moving style of singing, Yasmin Levy preserves and revives the most beautiful and romantic 15th century songs from the Ladino/Judeo – Spanish heritage, mixing them with the distinctive smouldering passion of Andalusian Flamenco.
Yasmin’s unique musical blend mixes old and new – traditional Ladino songs with new flamenco – style emotional ballads and Middle Eastern musical rhythms and style.
This DVD documents an unforgettable concert in the mystical setting of the historic Tower of David Citadel in Jerusalem dating back to the 1st century BC.    I        I        I        I      
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name
1.    “La nina de las flores”
   (Lyrics and music: Yasmin Levy) 
2.    La Serena (The Mermaid)
   (Traditional Ladino)
3.    Intantalo Encontrar
   (Lyrics & music: Jose Luis Monton & Mayte Martin
   Gitar C part adapted from Vicente Amigo’s Ciudad las Ideas)
4.    La Noche
   (juan jose Suarez – Enrique Heredia)
5.    La Alegria
   (Lyrics & music: Yasmin Levy)
6.    Hecha la Medida
   (Felipe Gil)
7.    Ytu y yo subimos al cielo
   (Lyrics & music: Yasmin Levy)
8.    Noches, Noches & La Serena (Solea por Bulria)
   (With Dance) (Traditional Ladino)
9.    Me Voy
   (Lyrics & music: Yasmin Levy)
10.    Naci en Alamo (Vengo)
   (Dionysis Tsaknis/Gritos de Guerra)
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