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Lirics From The Book of Quartets
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Boris Yoffe
Lirics From The Book of Quartets
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Cat: 10506
Boris Yoffe’s string quartets are precise, austere rituals in sound. Each of these brief pieces utilizes a tiny vocabulary of musical “words” – specific pitches, brief motives, textural gestures – whose continually changing interactions create a magical web of relationships, some delicately concealed. Yoffe’s pieces are not, however, abstract, formalistic exercises. They aim to bring back the act of making music – even producing a single sound – to its original ritualistic context; they aim to present sound, an the act of it’s creation, as magic.
The slow tempi and the minimal vocabulary, which depict every sound as a vital creature, and in particular Yoffe’s avoidace of empty virtuosi, enable him – and would enable those listeners who would care to be initiated – to reenter, through the megic of sound, a rare spiritual realm.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    1 Piece  2:53
2.    4 Piece 3:27
3.    19 Piece 2:54
4.    35 Piece 3:30  
5.    36 Piece 3:21  
6.    52 Piece 3:26  
7.    67 Piece 2:54  
8.    68 Piece 2:51  
9.    72 Piece 3:05  
10.    78 Piece 3:21  
11.    79 Piece 3:41  
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