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Le'an Holchim Pitom Koolam
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The Tractor's Revenge
Le'an Holchim Pitom Koolam
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Cat: 10528
“Where did everybody suddenly go” released in 2003, received great reviews and included the hit "flat screens”. This album is perhaps the most definite and complete of Tractor's Revenge. It’s musically influenced by all the good progressive rock. The line is melodic, mature and more communicative than they did before.
“Where did everybody suddenly go” is somber and melancholic but equally exciting.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Yare’ach (Moon)  4:19
2.    Linshom (To Breathe) 3:56  
3.    Yamim (Days) 4:18
4.    Cholot (Sands) 6:20  
5.    Le’an Holchim Pitom Koolam (Where Did Everybody Suddenly Go) 4:12   
6.    Masachim Shtoochim (Flat Screens) 4:33
7.    Cahyim (life) 3:43  
8.    Shtika (Silence) 4:39   
9.    Shamayim (Sky) 4:08  
10.    Zramim (Currents) 6:04   
11.    Shir Ha’Re’oot (Friendship Song)* 4:06   
* Music by: Sasha Argov, Lyrics By: Chaim Guri  
Copyright © 2011 Adama Music & Publishing  Ltd. All rights reserved.  
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