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Kanta Ladino
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Kohava Levy
Kanta Ladino
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Cat: 20525
Kohava Levy was born and lives in Jerusalem, Israel. A widow of the late Isaac Levy - Composer, poet and singer who has devoted his life to preserving and perpetuating Jewish- Spanish heritage, and collecting Ladino Romances.
A mother of Yasmin Levy – the Ladino & Spanish international and Successful singer.
Kohava sings for many years and even appeared with Yasmin concerts in Spain, Sweden and of course Israel (Opera House, Masada, Jerusalem....).
After many years Kohava has finally fulfill the dream that her husband Isaac promised her about 45 years ago, and recorded an album with 12 songs in Ladino, (10 of them are taken from the "Judeo-Espanol Romances books" which Isaac Levy Gathered and published).
The album was recorded LIVE in the studio, and musicians from Turkey, Iran, Morocco and Algeria took part. All in order to get the spirit and the sound of a live performance, together with musical arrangements and production of Yasmin Levy her daughter.
The result - an exciting and unique album of the best songs of Ladino in traditional singing and excellent ethnic musical arrangements.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    La Roza Enflorece ( Los Bilbilikos) 4:41
2.    Avre tu Puerta 4:22
3.    Irme Kero 5:45   
4.    Adio Kerida 3:59
5.    Alfonsito 6:01   
6.    Skalerikas de Oro 6:17   
7.    Ven Kerida, Ven Amada 5:41   
8.    Komo la Roza 4:53   
9.    De Edad DE Kinze Anyos 5:21   
10.    Por Amar 3:39   
11.    Silvanaame 3:01   
12.    Tzur Mishelo Achalnu (Hebrew) 4:39   
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