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Error of the Moon
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The Tractor's Revenge
Error of the Moon
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Cat: 10515
"Error of the Moon" released in 1999 and was a combination of two kinds of the band music. The album includes, among others, music from the production of the play “Othello” based on Shakespeare and directed by Yossi Pollak.
The album was produced by Avi Belleli (Who founded the band). This was in fact an independent creation. Belleli was based on the texts of "Othello" and added the music he created for the play, additional sections.
"Error of the Moon" was a complex piece and most difficult to digest of the Tractor's Revenge.
In this album Belleli gets closer to his initial purpose when formed the band:          an advanced music creation (as opposed to pop), which doesn’t take into account the audience's taste or fashion.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Intro  2:05   
2.    Divinity of Hell 6:06   
3.    Senat 3:48   
4.    The womb of time 1:31   
5.    Canacin Clink 3:06
6.    King Victor 1:19   
7.    Handkerchief 9:07   
8.    ‘Tis of aspics’ tongues 5:24
9.    Marble Heaven 3:35   
10.    Shedim 1:36   
11.    Willow Song 7:07
12.    The Cause 4:53   
13.    Epilog 6:41   
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