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EL Legado Sefardi
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Julia Leon
EL Legado Sefardi
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Cat: 20519
Julia Leon is a researcher and singer who have a long history of traditional folklore collector. She earned more than two hundred songs collected, some of them unpublished.
Co-Founder of the musical movement ‘Canción del Pueblo’ in the 1960s. 
It is dedicated to music for poets like Lorca, Miguel Hernández, Neruda, Nicolas Guillen, Leon Felipe, Machado and many more.
She also performed their works.
In the last 12 years Julia has been in contact with Sephardic music through Jewish Communities of Madrid and Valencia, in Israel with the family of Isaac Levy one of the foremost collectors of music Sephardic, as well as at the Universities of Ramat - Gan and Jerusalem.
She has recorded this album “El Legado Sefardi” in Ladino, as tribute to the Sephardic tradition bland the music with oriental sounds and instruments.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Los bilbilikos 5:42   
2.    Es solo a ti ke te kero 2:27   
3.    Yo tea mo 4:49
4.    La novia vente a mi lado 2:02   
5.    Tres hermanikas 5:02
6.    Nani Kere el ijo 5:36   
7.    Arbolito de djazmin 4:34   
8.    Una ora en la ventana 2:56   
9.    Una ija ermosa 3:06   
10.    Dai de cenar 2:20   
11.    La amar 5:21
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