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Essev Bar
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Cat: 20503
Essev Bar is one of Israel's leading world music bands that tours constantly and successfully all over Israel and abroad.
They played, recorded and performed with many international artists from Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and the Middle East.
The band’s music is a meeting point of musical genres and instruments from different cultures: Jembe,darbuka,ney flute, Indian snake charmer’s Flute, Irish tin whistle, Acoustic guitars and  vocals.            
“Darbashia” is the band third album released in January 2000, and is distributed internationally.                                                    
The music influenced by the human diversity and the beautiful nature in the Galilee (north of Israel) - “Darbashia” is the old Galilee name of region that has an abundance of springs flowing all year round.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Darbashia 4:48
2.    In another Time 6:27
3.    From Back There 4:21
4.    Planxty Kelly 3:19   
5.    Going to India 3:15   
6.    Sahara 6:53   
7.    Dirty Jobs 4:00   
8.    Mantra 7:32   
9.    Migrating Birds 4:30   
10.    Youssef 5:42   
11.    Emma 5:51   
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