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Yuval Levy
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Yuval Levy the son of the singer Kohava Levy and the late Isaac Levy - Composer, poet and singer,
a brother of Yasmin Levy - the Ladino & Spanish international and Successful singer.
As someone who grew up in a musical family, Yuval studied classical music for 12 years.
He plays the piano, write and composes and involves in music from a great love.
“Chamara” is Yuval Levy’s first world music project (Released in 2007).
It includes 11 tracks that combine Hebrew singing with Moroccan, Armenian and Spanish Elements and more.
All lyrics and music in “Chamara” are by Yuval. The songs are performed by several singers:
Kohava Levy (Yuval’s mother) that sings for many years, Yasmin levy, the Israeli singer Gusto, the Armenian singer Ashot Sahakyan and Yuval Levy himself.
The album also includes a special video clip to the single “Pictures”, with the participation of Kohava Levy.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Aliya 4:30
2.    Yehuda Market 3:26  
3.    Strangers 3:41
4.    Pictures 3:31
5.    Moments of  self examination 3:37
6.    Croatia 4:51
7.    Alone 3:58
8.    Me and You 3:10
9.    Isaac Levy baritone 3:38
10.    Thoughts 3:47  
11.    My Republic 2:22  
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