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Cantor Chaim Grinshpan
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Cantor Chaim-Grinshpan
Cantor Chaim Grinshpan
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Chaim Grinshpan was born in Warsaw. Well- remembered by lovers of cantorial music of the 1930’s when, at the age of 11, he was acclaimed in Poland and the neighboring countries as a promising and a much talented cantor. At the age he performed in concerts and chanted in synagogues all over Poland, advertised as “Chaim l Grinshpan the Wonder – Boy”. He also sang popular operatic arias.
He wanted more than ever to continue his musical studies and in 1945 he went to Rome, where he further developed his voice.
As one of the very few who were saved from Nazi concentration camps, Grinshpan immigrated to Israel in 1947 continued his musical studies under the late Prof Moshe Levinson and the cantor Itzhak Mann and has since made frequent appearances in various synagogues all over the country. This long-playing record is dedicated to Grinshpan’s many faithful admirers and to those who have not heard him yet.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Al Tira (Ch. Grinshpan)  4:39
2.    Ribono Shel Olam  (Ch. Grinshpan) 4:37
3.    Ventena Tokef (Ch. Grinshpan) 8:28
4.    Vetaher Libenu (Ch. Grinshpan) 3:44   
5.    Barech Alinu (M.Tauba) 4:54  
6.    Haben Ykir Li Efraim (Y. Rozenblat) 5:38  
7.    Helohainu Ihelohi Avotenu (Ch. Grinshpan) 6:04  
8.    Kidush For Pesach (Sh. Secunda) 5:35  
9.    Kol Hadonai (Ch. Grinshpan) 7:30  
10.   Psalms 5:44  
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