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Amir Shahasar
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Cat: 20518
Persian classical music, with master musicians from Iran, using Classical & Folk instruments ( Ney flute, Tombak (zarb), Santur, Kamanche, Oud).
Amir Shahsar‘s debut album “Botec’hin” was released in 2007 Only in Israel.
Amir has brought his musical traditions from Iran to Israel and the world. He has deep passionate vocal & play the Nay flute (Reed) in his unique classical Persian way, which breathe new life into a rich mixture of Iranian classical- folk music.
“The music connect between the sound of the Ney flute, to his home longing singing, to impossible love, through love to his mother land & roots”
Amir has performed with many highly acclaimed artists such as Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Turkey), Yasmin Levy (Israel) , Alim Kasimov(azarbijan) Hidea (Iran) Ross dally & Micaelis nicoladis (greece), Jivan Gasparyen (Armenia).
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Ney Solo (Shahsar.A) / Ney Solo 1:45
2.    Pishdramad Dashti (Music: Musa marufi) / Dashti Overture 2:08
3.    Avaz (Shahsar.A) / Dashti Tune 3:17
4.    Choda Kone ke Chabm nabare (Text: Iraj jenatiat Ataee – music:
   Traditional) / I hope not to fall asleep
5.   Reng Dashti (Music: Reza Mahjubi) / Dashti Finale 2:39
6.    Pishdramad – Esfhan (music: Morteza Neydavud)  / Esfahan Overture 3:43
7.    Botechin (Text & Music: Aliakbar Sheida) / The Bush Picker 3:56
8.    Getme, getme gal (Traditional Azarbaijan) / Don’t Go 4:19
9.    Mojasame (Traditional Iran, For Dance)  / Statue 4:25
10.    Saginame (Text: Hafez \ music: Traditional Classical Persian) / The
   Cupbearer’s Tale
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