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The Blue Album (Vol. 1)
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Blue Band
The Blue Album (Vol. 1)
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Cat: 10514
This album released at 1999 by David Peretz and friends from Beer-Sheba, Israel. They called themselves “Blue Band”
The album opens with the song “Cities and memory” with sampling from the   movie “Paris Texas” of Wim Wenders from 1984 - Eleven minutes of slow and delightful rock-blues creation. “Wet Dreams” with a beautiful solo electric guitar, the instrumental “Requiem for marionette” (reminds of King Krimson in its beginning), “The idiot” about unrequited love and more great sections.
Blue Band’s album is a progressive modern creation connects films, literature and music with grace and sadness, beauty and pain, quiet power and oddness.
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Cities and memory  11:34
2.    Cities and memory 1. 0:52   
3.    marionettes 4:10  
4.    The idiot 5:50  
5.    wet dreams 4:52  
6.    When you snore and the angels sing 5:49
7.    Icarus 4:55  
8.    The creator of the song 6:56  
9.    Requiem for marionette 4:49
10.    Cats calculates their end back 2:03   
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