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Acoustic Kitchen
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The Tractor's Revenge
Acoustic Kitchen
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Cat: 10504
The Tractor’s Revenge is an Israeli rock band functioned almost from its inception (1988) on two parallel levels: One was an original rock band that creates records,  including hits but indeed those who are considered marginal in Israeli music, and the second, of a band makes music in various productions, especially ballet & films.
On the two levels Tractor's Revenge managed to create an independent and diverse sound, to develop artistically and success.
 “Acoustic Kitchen” is a live album released in 1996 and included the best hits of the band previews albums and also new materials. This album was accompanied by concerts for few years, received good reviews and was a great success.
Seven years latter “Acoustic Kitchen” reached to “gold album”.  
Track Listing
Track No.    Song Name Time
1.    Noded Elaich (wandering to you) 4:00   
2.    Hapri al haetz (the fruit on the tree) 3:28   
3.    Afifonim (kites) 4:40
4.    Dabri elay (talk to me) 6:01   
5.    Mitnateket (disconnecting) 7:05   
6.    Sheket (quite) 4:30   
7.    Ofanaim vesefer (bicycle and a book) 4:29   
8.    Haatid (the future) 2:30   
9.    Mishak shel dmaot (a game of tears) 4:19   
10.    Mishtaashea (amusing myself) 3:40   
11.    He (she) 3:49
12.    Adon haslihot (lord of forgiveness) 2:53
13.    Al pney hamayim (on the water) 5:18   
14.    Lama lichlo et atzmenu (why cage ourselves) 9:18   
15.    Lichshy elay (wisper to me) 3:05   
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